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Another run bites the dust

Rarely do I order dessert. So it should have been some kind of omen when last night I ordered dessert at dinner and nobody (not even “sweet-tooth” Jenna) else did.

“Be careful handling this plate,” the server said as she handed me a glass of ice cream, balanced delicately on a tea saucer. “Oh, I’m always careful,” I sarcastically replied. Famous last words.

Within three seconds of taking the dessert, it was falling off the saucer and into my lap. The glass hit the ground with a loud enough THUD! that all the diners in this small restaurant turned and looked in my direction. Trying to salvage the situation, I took the scoop of ice cream that had miraculously fallen on my napkin (and then fallen onto the floor) and gave it a taste. It was good. The rest of our weekend in Brugge was great.

Jenna and I headed to Brugge* Saturday around noon. Our original plan was to ride with our friends Jon and Raven, stay the night, run the 5K (Jenna did the 15K — more on that later) on Sunday, then head back home.

But somewhere between making these plans and leaving, we picked up two more for the ride — my good mates Charles and Chuck. Charles’ wife, Cat, is pregnant and decided (wisely) to stick around in Brussels and take it easy, while Chuck’s better half is visiting family in the states.

The dudes ready to attack Brugge (from left): Me, Charles, Jon and Chuck.

Before heading there, both Charles and Chuck had jokingly said they were “over Bruges.” I understand where they were coming from. Brugge attracts throngs of tourists — particularly Brits who make a quick train ride south — especially when the weather is on its best behavior, as it was this weekend.

It can get annoying bumping elbows with (fellow) tourists, but oh, the beauty of this city. The architecture is pristine; the canals cutting through the streets are romantic; the narrow streets and cobblestoned roads make for — to steal a line from the film In Bruges — a fairytale setting.

Make your way to this place next time you're 'In Bruges'.

I think Charles and Chuck are back on the Brugge bandwagon now. Aside from the aesthetic beauty, we found two amazing pubs, and the four dudes spent a fair amount confirming that these watering holes were indeed legitimate. Anyone visiting the city who has even a minor appreciation for the art of craft beer must make time for stops at ‘t Brugs Beertje and Poatersgat.

Around 7pm, Charles and Chuck left to catch a train to Brussels while the remaining four of us went to dinner (and I subsequently caused a scene).

As great as our effort was, the beverage intake on Saturday did not impede our performances on Sunday. Jon, Raven and I all ran the 5K. I did not get revenge as promised, but I have to confess I have never run better than I did today. By the time I crossed the finish line (a couple minutes behind Jon and Raven) I felt as if I could keep going, as if I was just getting warmed up. I guess I’m making the transition to becoming a runner better than I thought.

Run, Jenna, run!

There are still a lot of kilometers between my running ability and Jenna’s. As nice as I felt after finishing the 5K, Jenna felt just as good after dominating the 15K. She’s pretty amazing. This morning she had a terrible headache and overall didn’t feel very well, yet she completed the run like she had been training months for it. In fact, the picture to the left was taken 10 seconds before she crossed the finish line. Look at those long strides! She looks like she’s just getting started.

That’s not the only photo captured in our 24-plus hours in Brugge. Here are a few more for your entertainment.

Oh, and Happy Moeder Dag to all the mothers out there!

*(Flemish speakers) who live in the town call it Brugge. The French say Bruges. For some reason, the town goes by the French spelling and pronunciation in English, but I’ve stubbornly decided to call it what the inhabitants call it.

The ladies lookin' good while I'm lookin' lost.

In front of Brugge's famous Belfry.

The below-ground entrance to Poetersgat pub.

The gents fully warmed up.

Think this is the only photo with all six of us in it.

Jon was nice enough to buy me the shirt I'm wearing in this pic (bought it at the first stop we made in Brugge on Saturday). The hand is the logo for a brewery in Antwerp. I liked the shirt so much I ran in it on Sunday.

Another shot of the Belfry in Brugge.

A crescent moon hanging out above Brugge.

Raven's trying to get her point across.

Had to get at least one "artsy" shot in.

Mimicking my shirt became one of the recurring jokes of the weekend.

Jenna just seconds before crossing the finish line.

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  1. Jan
    May 8, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    Still, Jake, you and me hate the soccer teams in Bruges, never forgot that. THEY ARE THE ENEMY! 🙂

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