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Unconventional Christmases

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Don’t let her looks fool you. My mom may be a petite woman, but she packs a lot of strength, determination and will power into her body. That’s never been more evident than the past few weeks.

My mom spent her Christmas day sitting in a hospital bed, my dad by her side, recovering from a double mastectomy. Shortly after Thanksgiving, a routine physical had unearthed a cancerous mass. Since then, she’s had numerous tests, procedures, patient-doctor discussions and the like, and throughout the entire process she hasn’t showed one sign of negativity, doubt or pessimism.

Her unwavering attitude and faith in God has been an encouragement and blessing to us all.

Needless to say, she had the most unusual, untraditional Christmas of her entire life. Far less dramatically, Jenna and I experienced a Christmas quite different from the norm. We stayed in Belgium for the holidays but did welcome Jenna’s parents, Rob and Bonnie, to town for a week (more on all of those adventures in a future blog).

Our party of four, however, doubled with the addition of two fellow expat couples who also stuck around Belgium. Chuck and Angie, the first friends we made when we moved here, could not return to the states, not with Angie due to give birth in a few weeks. Our newest friends, Jon and Raven (the latter who’s also in the blogging business), have only been in Belgium for a few months. They’re so in love with the country they didn’t want to go home (truthfully … her family is coming for a visit for the new year, so why go home?).

So it was the eight of us dining and celebrating Christmas together at our little Brussels apartment. Since our dinner table only seats four, I had to take the table from our patio — scraping off the six inches of snow and ice that had accumulated on top of it and leaving it out to dry — and bring it inside to accommodate the group. Jenna still set a table Martha Stewart would be jealous of.

Everyone pitched in preparing the food (pictures of our gastronomic feast below) and bringing the drinks. Dinner was delayed an hour while I waited for the rolls to rise before baking (they never did), but we finally ate around 5ish.

Then, the group proceeded to set the world record for consecutive hours playing the addictive game Catchphrase. For the sake of egos, I won’t publicly name the winner in the battle of the sexes. Or maybe nobody wants to be accused of rubbing it in.

Well, on to the photos, which were taken on our camera through a new lens — an incredibly generous Christmas gift from Rob and Bonnie.

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